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Certified Internet Marketing and Business Opportunity Reviews

I have been scammed so many times that we put together a group to expose the crooks stealing our money. We also have the real opportunities that you can make money with.

We are constantly reviewing home based and internet money makers. We have reviewed the most popular money-making opportunities and business opportunities on the internet.

We've tried these opportunities and have made money with some, and have wasted our money with others. We built this website to inform interested people about the offers available. We have spent the hours so that you don't have to.

Since 97.3% of "Get Rich Quick" ads are just ways to get your money, we'll review them right here. We will also tell you about some that are real opportunities where people are making real money.

You could spend years working through these offers. Years and thousands of dollars. By reading through this site you will be able to find the one's that work and the ones that don't. The answers are right here, and they are free.

We are tremendous money with the few opportunities that really work. Many come with help and step by step instructions to get you going. We will tell you about those, as well as the ones that don't work, or are just scams.

If you find an opportunity that is not here, just email us at or call 1-419-424-3896. We would love the hear about it. We can test it and put it on this website. That way we both win.


After reviewing and testing many different money making opportunities, we found one that made us a serious income. Click here to view it.


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