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Matthew Lesko

Matthew Lesko was born in 1943. He is the host of a late night infomercial. Lesko is known as the question mark guy due to the "Riddler like" suit he wears. He has a degree from Marquette University, and an MBA from American University in Washington D.C.

This guy wearing multi-color question marks comes on your TV and screeches "I can hook you up with a government grant so you can build your own TIME MACHINE," etc. Now he's selling this otherwise free info direct to you for about $60! But that's not the worst of it.

Mr. Lesko compiled a book of government loans, grants, and other programs that are available to individuals for various purposes. His book isn't updated very often, and as a result much of the information is out of date. He also doesn't provide, I gather, much information on how to actually apply for any of these grants. Even if there are grants that are will work for your situation, probably 90% of the information in the book will not apply to you specifically.

"It should be noted that this book is intended for people in very specific areas, that it is meant to give information on acquiring money for a number of very specific groups. Because one person didn't find a group to fit them does not mean that another person will not; people seem to have an erroneous viewpoint of the book's purpose."

It seemed to me that this book never really got around to telling me how the people I saw and heard about in the ads, actually got their money. That makes me very skeptical about the whole thing. It seems all it does is give you a list of addresses, and in most cases, they didn't even specify what you needed to say in your letter when you wrote to them. It was quite a let down to see such a large book with little useful information inside it. The least Lesko could have done was specify what each address was for, or how the people in his testimonials were able to get their money. It makes me question whether these people ever got the money he claims.

Plus, in many cases, getting this "free money" is a lot more work than just knowing where to write. It just gets people's hopes up. .

With his book comes six hours of Matthew Lesko on tape.


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