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Tony Hoffman

Tony Hoffman was respected as a real estate expert, and in 1980’s he wrote the book "How to Negotiate Successfully in Real Estate".He also conducted seminars on how to purchase real estate with no money down, but he stopped running them in the late 1980s.

Tony became rather unpopular because of immoral and unethical advise that he gave out. For example, he suggested that real estate investors threaten to back out of a purchase at the last minute, to try and squeeze the seller into offering a better deal.

At one time he had plans to become governor of California. That didn't materialize, and the last I heard he was doing TV infomercials on household gadgets.

One of the techniques Mr. Hoffman suggested was for investors to use the recommended purchase contract in his book, or have one specially printed. This form was called the "Standard Real Estate Purchase Contract", but in reality, it was no such thing. Many states have required wording, and some states require that you use a state-approved form. Hoffman's form is full of clauses softening the requirements for the buyer, so that he can pull out of the purchase if he wants, while tying the seller to the deal.

Tony Hoffman's company, National Superstar Inc., filed for bankruptcy in 1986.

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