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Mark Joyner

Mark Joyner is without a doubt, an excellent marketer. But just like Cory Rudl, I find that most of the material Mark Joyner writes contains shameless plugs for the rest of his programs, systems, companies, products, services, etc.

Mark is at the top of "Viral Marketing", "Referral Marketing" "Affiliate Marketing" "Perpetual Marketing" and many more very famous new marketing tecniques. In fact, I believe Mark Joyner even invented a few of these new terms himself.

I think Mark Joyner is an outstanding teacher and marketer alike, When he is not doing plugs for himself,. I have seen him grow over the years from a little bean to a giant beanstalk in the marketing arena. The mammoth growth he managed to achieve had been truly impressive. This is proof alone that Mr. Joyner knows what he's talking about. I can't think of a single online marketer that has grown as quickly as Mark Joyner.

I myself, take a different approach learning from guys like Mark Joyner. Instead of completely relying on the infomation within his courses, I prefer to go on the net, take apart, and study every one of his systems, websites, programs, services, and products. I have learned a lot more from Mark Joyner this way than from just reading his material.

All top marketers leave out a lot of their best tricks, tips, and secret marketing techniques. These experts never admit it, but they know if they tell all of their secrets, nothing will set them apart from the rest of the group. A marketer is only as relavent as his best kept secret. Once you know all of their secrets, you're done with them. This is why fellows like Mr. Joyner don't tell you everything you need to know. The like to keep some of their secrets.

I have studied Mark Joyner's every move for nearly 7 years along with about 47 other top internet marketers. After nearly 7 years studying these guys, I have found the secrets they never tell you. I am not as famous as these guys, so I won't lose anything by telling you the secrets they don't want you to know. They have some sort of secret code like magicians do about never revealing how the trick is done. Like a magician never tells, marketers never tell either. At least not the whole story.

I have spent most of my adult life extracting this forbidden material that these marketing experts keep tucked away for themselves. If you look long enough, close enough, and hard enough, their secret tecniques begin to reveal themselves.

Since I look at internet gurus and business opportunities for a living, you rest assured that I know which ones don't work and which ones do.

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