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Traffic Wave

Since I bought a membership to Traffic Wave, I've found that they not only provide quality tools, but they have very good customer service. The tools are most useful for Internet marketers just getting started.

There price is good at around $19.00 per month. Their banner ads and lead generation didn't do much for me. They both produced low results for the time spent.The lead generation system sends you a group of 30-50 email addresses per day gleaned from an FFA bulletin board. You have to agree to only email them your ad once, and your ad must contain a notice that thanks them for posting to your FFA board.

The lead generation may be a good thing if you are a beginner. It would be a good learning experience. You should only do this with extra time though. Because it's other internet marketers who want to sell their products.

It's my opinion that most of those address were addresses that the people created for spam, and never read them. They usually setup free email account for throw away purposes.

Their ad tracking system and auto-responder both work well. They also have some very good articles that can help your marketing.

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